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SGI Top Rockets - Third Marking Period

SGI Top Rockets - Third Marking Period

Congratulations to the SGI Project TEAM students who were most like one of our Project TEAM characters for the third marking period of the 2023-24 school year! Every quarter, students at SGI who most exemplify the Project TEAM character trait are chosen by their teachers and recognized by the school. 


5th Grade
Emma Lewis
Faith Eberling
Morayo Akinmuko
Ariane Patterson
Maddi DeCampus

6th Grade
Rebecca Dobson
Stella Metzger
Jacob Shamer
McKenna Sturgis
Bentley Wonder


5th Grade
Elliana Evans
Taylynn Boyd
Katheryn Mann
Kailiegh Caslow
Aubrey Sanchez

6th Grade
Ronni Rhodes
Mateo Ramos Mota
Elsa Pieper
Morgan Rehmeyer
Ayla Edmonds


5th Grade
Zage Geiman
Chris Fasano
Mason Wood
Ezykiel Riley
Mila Camacho

6th Grade
Isabella Hemler
Bella Gemmill
Sawyer Lighty
Carter Sullivan
Savannah Green


5th Grade
Claire Shives
Miles Reese
Kamryn Boren
Morris Robertson
Charles Chambers

6th Grade
Angelli Madrigal-Lua
Mel Fissel
Jace Landry
Ashlynn Cook
Juliana Hunter


5th Grade
Blake Shue
Austin Russell
Matthew Rager
Brogan Wildasin
Sophia Bezares

6th Grade
Sara Fuhrman
Angel Moreno-Aguilar
Aiden Laughman
Julia Stough
Jayden Smallwood


5th Grade
Keegan Bridegum
Xander Gardner
Keagan Wasser
Flynn Ort
Isabella Rivas

6th Grade
Victoria Trageser
Logan Rang
Declan Messersmith
Loudon Smith
Paige Warner


About Project TEAM

Our teachers, K - 6, use Project TEAM to help students understand the value and significance of teamwork and leadership and create a positive school climate, bringing everyone in the school together to work toward common goals. This, in turn, creates a sense of belonging and an accepting community, making for a more productive social and academic environment. 

Meet the Project TEAM Characters 

Amelia - Acceptance/Anti-bullying
Acceptance/Anti-bullying is the ability to accept and celebrate all differences. It's important to be accepting because it teaches students to be positively welcoming to someone, no matter their difference(s).

Harper - Helping Others
Helping others is the ability to serve others in school, at home, or in the community. It’s important because it helps increase a student’s self-concept, behaviors, and connectedness in school and with each other. Helping one another creates an environment where everyone feels safe, secure, and part of a team.

Paco - Positive Change
Positive Change is the ability to make changes that help you be a better person, help others be better people, or help the community be a better place.

Philo - Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution
Problem Solving is using positive strategies to solve a problem. Conflict resolution is using positive strategies to solve a problem with one or more people.

Ruby - Resiliency
Resiliency is the ability to bounce back when something tough or hard happens. Resiliency helps students understand they can overcome obstacles or tough times.

Lamar - Leadership
Leadership can be explained as the combination of all of the other foundations. By Helping Others, using Positive Change, promoting anti-bullying, using good problem solving, and showing resiliency students are demonstrating leadership. Leadership also stresses that all students can be a leader in their own way. Everyone brings a different and unique strength to the TEAM and they are all important. Not only does a leader set a good example for others but they promote others to be part of the TEAM by encouraging the foundations.